My Story

I have practised the art of placement and space clearing ever since I was a child, inherently knowing that this would bring luck and that would not. I fancied it was just superstition, but superstition or not, I held fast to my inner knowing. In 1995, I read a magazine article that was to change my life. It was about the art of Feng Shui (literal translation: wind and water).
There, began a journey of self discovery that would take me around the globe, gathering knowledge and training. I was to discover that what I practice is the alignment and clearing of spaces or Feng Shui. My experiences were to lead to vast realisations and an accumulation of knowledge; knowledge that has grounded me in the earth and propelled me to multi-dimensional spaces.

In the midst of my journey a trapped childhood trauma came bursting to the fore. It wrecked havoc on my life and on the lives of those close to me. Nobody, least of all me, knew what to do. As I had no conscious memory of the event, counselling garnered no result. Parents, G.P.’s, psychologists, psychiatrist, friends, neighbours, nurses, siblings and other interested parties asked questions to which I had no answer. I felt there was something inaccessible yet pervasive, I asked about regression. I could find no information anywhere. Eventually, following heartfelt aspiration and a world wide search; I found a doctor who had left the field of neurosurgery; in order to train a small number of people in consciousness mapping. I became his student. My vision opened, my life improved beyond measure, and I realised how much I had to learn. I learned how to explore the depths of consciousness, to build and strengthen subtle bodies, to release latent fear and trauma. It has been an extraordinary journey thus far.