Death And Dying

There is only one thing we are certain of in this life and that is that we will die, all of us, we are not getting out of here alive. Although all human beings are aware of this, we do little to train for the inevitable. I have studied with an expert in spaces of consciousness and have over the last decade immersed myself in practices to familiarise myself with the after death spaces. I read a book of the dead for modern times for friends and family who have passed and have been deeply moved by the privilege of being able to accompany loved ones on the beginning stages of their journey, leaving them at the threshold of a space I can only glimpse and one where it is difficult to retain the experience, never mind find words to describe it, often in the presence of beings, light and profound peace; I have left my departed loved ones knowing they are embarking on an experience that I no longer have to fear. I continue to train for my own death, realising that as I live so shall I die.
It is important to grieve and also that we do not pull our loved ones to remain, they have on some level and at some time chosen this moment to go, let them, you will meet again in the Fields of Peace.

If you are dying, know someone who is dying or are having difficulty letting go of deceased loved ones contact me for an online session.

©Geraldine Mc Gloin 2020