Feng Shui

Working in harmony with the natural flow to bring clarity, peace and abundance.

As I continue to explore spaces of consciousness, I see that our buildings hold a space of their own, the land and structures are alive, not with the same consciousness as ours but with a consciousness that we can feel and communicate with. When we get to know our place, be it our home, workplace or land, we can enjoy the depth and expansiveness of living in harmony with the land and buildings that we inhabit; working with the natural flow to enhance our experience of being human incarnated on this magical wonderful earth.

“A Clear Space, A Clear Mind”

Each area of our home, land or workplace corresponds to an area of our life, if there is an accumulation of clutter in an area of your home then it is likely that the corresponding area in your life is not flowing, clearing clutter can really change your life. If the clutter is too much, then an energetic clearing will help.

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